Payroll Services

Assures you that your team is rewarded timely despite your busy schedule as a business owner.

Scope of Services

Our Payroll Services includes the following:

  • Computation of monthly salary and commission
  • Maintenance of payroll file for each employee
  • Provision of pay advice
  • Processing of increment & bonuses
  • Provision of payroll reports for monthly & annual review
  • Preparation of annual IR8A
  • E-submission of CPF contribution


  • One director/manager to be present at our office/virtual meeting
  • Advise us on the total number of staff along with the detailed payroll schedule


The process of preparing payment of salary can be tedious and complicated, as it may involve components like benefits, allowances, reimbursements, deductions, commission, over-time, CPF contributions of employees, etc.

As an employer, you are responsible for filing employees’ earnings, paying levies for local/foreign employees and making CPF contributions. Your responsibilities include:

  • CPF Contributions – Employers are required to make CPF contributions for any employees who are Singapore Citizens or Permanent Residents with certain monthly salary threshold.
  • Employee Tax Forms – All employers need to prepare tax forms for their employees by 1 March every year.
  • Tax Issues for Foreign Employees – Tax clearance and tax deductions relating to foreign employees.
  • Skills Development Levy (SDL) – All employers must pay SDL for eligible employees.
  • Foreign Worker Levy (FWL) – Employers of Work Permit holder(s) or S Pass holder(s) are required to pay FWL.

Why engage our Payroll Services

Our team is well versed with Employer’s Rules and Responsibilities/ Labour laws. To ensure there are no mistakes with payment on CPF contributions and tax filing requirements, you may want to consider engaging our Payroll service.

Can you help me navigate the complexities of different payroll requirements?

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Related FAQs

Payroll outsourcing refers to the process where a business enlists the help of a third-party payroll processing company to support the management of the administrative & compliance functions of paying employees.

There are many benefits of outsourcing the payroll function:

  • It increases company efficiency as it is a recurring administrative task
  • It ensures you that your employees and statutory boards are paid accurately and on schedule
  • It is a flexible and scalable solution
  • Reduces your risk of not filing in time or not filing correctly

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