Corporate Secretarial Services

Starting and operating a business in Singapore is simple and yet complex. Let us help you navigate your journey, starting from the basics.

Corporate Secretarial Services

Incorporation Services

Helping you to register a Business, LLP or incorporate a Company.

Registered Office Address

Ensuring that you have a service address to receive official and important communications.

Retainer Corporate Secretarial Service

Ensuring you have an appointed Company Secretary to fulfil duties and obligations in the Companies Act.

Nominee Director

Ensuring you have a resident director on your board at all times for compliance purposes.

Other Corporate Secretarial Services

A complete suite of Corporate Secretarial services to help you manage your business better.

Buy Information Online

QuestNet Business Information Online. Offering portfolios of comprehensive online business and credit information services at competitive rates.

How can our Corporate Secretarial services help you get it right from the start?

You have a business idea and you want to ensure that it is set up right from the start. To help you navigate the complex requirements of setting up a business in Singapore, our professionals will assist you in a consultative approach to help determine the ideal business structure, apply for appropriate licences, and even ensure that you set up trademarks to protect your business.

To safeguard your business journey over time, we have the right corporate secretarial solutions at every step of your development to pave your way, including annual return filing, preparation & filing of XBRL, and GST registration when you are ready.

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Ensuring that you receive end-to-end support throughout your company lifecycle is our value to you.

Corporate Secretarial Services

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Related FAQs

Singapore has been ranked highly in the World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business reports and is one of the easiest places to start a business, both as a local as well as a foreigner. However, every business has its unique requirements and here’s where we think we can help you best.

From registering your business with ACRA, to choosing a business structure or reserving a business name, we have the experience to guide you through your start-up journey simply – and by giving you the right recommendations at the appropriate checkpoints.

Additionally, our approach is to provide the knowledge and know-how on how to ensure that you start your business today to cater to your needs for tomorrow.

As a foreigner, there is a unique set of requirements and options which we will be able to guide you with. We provide you with seamless support on administrative and compliance matters to ensure that you stay updated.

Singapore is one of the world’s easiest places to start a business and associated costs are fairly transparent. Incorporating a business can be relatively affordable depending on the type of industry and its associated licencing and compliance obligations.

The best approach would be to connect with a business advisory like DP SME Advisory to have a consultation with us. We can help provide a more comprehensive estimate of the associated costs in starting your type of business.

Generally, all businesses must register with the Singapore Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority to operate a business in Singapore. However, some business owners or types of business may be exempted.

To have a more comprehensive understanding for your type of business, it is best to connect with us for a personalised consultation.

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