Nominee Director

Start your business with ease even if your directors are non-resident in Singapore.

Scope of Services

Our Nominee Director Service includes:

  • Preparation of application forms - engagement & indemnity agreements
  • Appointment of Nominee Director for Company (during Incorporation)
  • Nominee Director will only sign resolutions, where ALL other directors are in agreement and have signed resolutions
  • Preparation of Memorandum & Articles of Association (for Company)
  • ACRA Business Profile after successful incorporation

* Note: Under the Companies Act, All Companies must have at least one Director who is “ordinarily resident” in Singapore.


  • All directors/shareholders to be present at our office and/or virtual meeting.
  • NRIC and/or Passport of all directors/shareholders in Company; with contact numbers & email-addresses
  • Be ready with your (a) Company Name; (b) Registered Office Address for your Company (c) Proof of Foreign Address (e.g. Utility or Mobile Bill)
  • Local Main Contact Person - Contact Numbers, Email-Addresses, Mailing Address (if unable to contact foreign directors)
  • Upon receiving payment, we will prepare and file the company incorporation with the Nominee Director on your behalf. Upon successful incorporation, we will inform you, and you can proceed to open your corporate bank account.

Why engage in our Nominee Director Service

If you do not have a local Singapore resident director to meet statutory requirements, you can engage our Nominee Director Service. We can provide your company with the service of a local Nominee Director, who is ordinarily resident in Singapore.

This service is offered for statutory compliance only. This Nominee Director will not be involved in operational, management or financial matters of the company.

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Related FAQs

The Singapore Companies Act specifies that all Singapore incorporated companies during the company registration process must have at least one local resident director. Your company must have a resident director on your board at all times for compliance purposes.

You can approach DP SME Advisory to provide a Nominee Director service, if you do have a resident in Singapore director on your board. This is a statutory requirement for all Singapore incorporated companies.

For you to incorporate a business in Singapore, you must always have an ordinarily resident as part of your board of directors. This is a statutory requirement stipulated by the Singapore Companies Act.

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