Registered Office Address

Know that you are getting your important communications anywhere you may be in the world.

Scope of Services

Our Registered Office Address Services include the following:

  • Free Daily Mail Alert via SMS
  • Open, Scan Physical Mails (exclude advertisements)
  • DAILY Forwarding of scanned mail via email
  • WEEKLY Cheque Deposit Service
  • QUARTERLY re-direct of physical mail
  • Free Shared Fax number, Receiving & Forwarding of faxes via email
  • Mail Storage in digital format (up to 3 months)

* Note: scanning/forwarding fee per mail is applicable


  • At least one (1) director to be present at our office in person and/or virtual meeting
  • NRIC and/or Passport of the director in Company; with contact numbers & email-addresses
  • Be ready with your (a) Company Name; (b) Proof of Foreign Address (e.g. Utility or Mobile Bill)
  • Local Main Contact Person - Contact Numbers, Email-Addresses, Mailing Address (if unable to contact foreign directors)
  • Upon receiving payment, we will prepare and file the company incorporation/RO change with our office as your official Registered Office address for your company.

Why engage in our Registered Office Address

  • One of the statutory requirements for setting up a business in Singapore is to have a local registered office address. You will need this as part of the business incorporation process. One way is to have a Registered Office Address located with DP SME Advisory.
  • Today’s busy entrepreneur and business professional is constantly on the move. With digitalization, your business footprint may be wider than one location, which is why you will need a reliable partner for your registered office needs.
  • DP SME Advisory understands that wherever you are in the world, you will need to access the legal, regulatory and important communications delivered to you without delay.
  • Speak to us today to understand how you can operate globally while keeping in touch locally.

What are some of the complementary services for Registered Office Address?

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Related FAQs

The first steps to incorporating a company in Singapore is to reserve a name, register the company with ACRA and to set up a company bank account. You will need a registered office address to complete the registration.

DP SME Advisory provides this as a value-add to our incorporation services. It is also a perfect solution for a business owner who is constantly on the move or if you are a foreigner and not residing in Singapore. We ensure that you do not miss out on important communications about your business.

You will need a Singapore office address at the point of registering your business. For convenience and as a one-stop solution, we provide business owners with this service to ensure that you can incorporate a business immediately and without delay.

Your Registered Office with DP SME Advisory can be customized according to your needs. However, we have convenient packages which deliver value to you immediately. These packages cover most of a business start-up needs for a Registered Office.

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