Retainer Corporate Secretarial Services

Keeping your company secretarial obligations on track annually.

Scope of Services

Our Retainer Corporate Secretarial Services include the following:

  • Assignment of an officer to be appointed as your Company Secretary with ACRA
  • Set up and maintenance of minutes files and statutory registers
  • Issuance of share certificates
  • Advising on Annual General Meeting (AGM)
  • Preparation of notice and minutes of AGM
  • Preparation of resolutions
  • Filing of Annual Return


  • All or at least one (1) director to be present, depending on the service
  • NRIC and/or Passport of the director(s) and/or shareholder(s) in Company; with contact numbers & email-addresses
  • Any other relevant documents as per communicated

Why engage in our Retainer Corporate Secretarial Service

One of the challenges in operating a start-up is ensuring that all your regulatory and statutory obligations and filed correctly and on time.

Engaging us on a retainer basis ensures that you invest your time in growing your business while we manage the administrative filing on your behalf. This delivers presence of mind that you are operating your business in compliance with your statutory obligations every year.

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How can Retainer Corporate Secretarial Services help on compliance and regulatory matters annually?

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Related FAQs

An annual retainer on corporate secretarial services gives you the confidence to invest your time in growing your business while leaving all the annual filing obligations with us. You can be sure that all your registers are up to date and that filings are completed on time. This delivers cost savings and administrative efficiency to you while ensuring that you avoid fines from late filings or non-compliance.

We have pre-configured packages which provide the best convenience to most business owners and operators. This is to ensure that we have considered all the essential corporate secretarial services which you will critically need as a retainer with us.

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