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Corporate Secretarial Service

Under section 171 of the Companies Act, every company must appoint a company secretary within 6 months of incorporation. A company secretary has to be “ordinarily resident” in Singapore or a holder of Employment Pass/ Entrepreneur Pass.

He/She need to have the knowledge and experience to discharge his/her duties, which include:
  • Maintain the company statutory registers and minute books
  • Arrange for shareholder and director meetings
  • Lodge and file in time all necessary documents required by law
  • Provide administrative support in preparation of meetings
  • Ensure that the company meets all its compliance obligations
  • Stay updated on relevant developments and changes in statutory and regulatory obligations
  • Communicate adequately with directors and shareholders

The Company Secretary is an appointed officer of the Company answerable to duties and obligations set out in the Companies Act. He/She will highlight instances of non-compliance (if any) and bring it to the attention of the directors, for their decision and action. Some of the core responsibilities are:

Ensure that the company complies with its Constitution. He/She ensures that amendments made to these documents are in accordance with proper procedures.

Annual General Meeting
Arrange for the Annual General Meeting and ensure that it is held in compliance with the Act and the company’s Articles. To prepare and issue notices of meeting to members and shareholders; obtain agreement to documentations which are to be circulated to shareholders; distribute proxy forms; ensure that voting is carried out accurately and minute the meetings.

Maintain Statutory Registers and Records
The Secretary should maintain the following statutory registers and to ensure that the statutory records, in particular the Minutes Book of members’ and directors’ meetings are updated:
  • Members
  • Company charges
  • Directors, managers, secretaries and auditors
  • Directors’ interests in shares and debentures
  • Minutes Book
  • Registerable Controllers and Nominee Directors
File Statutory Returns
The Secretary would file information with ACRA to report changes in the company and to comply with requirements for filings of the following matters:
  • Annual Returns
  • Notices of share transfers
  • Amendments to Memorandum & Articles of Association / Constitution
  • Returns of allotments of shares
  • Notices of appointment, removal & resignation of directors and the secretary
  • Notices of removal or resignation of the auditors
  • Change of registered office
  • Resolutions in accordance with the Act

Report & Accounts
Ensure that the accounts and financial statements are prepared according to Singapore Accounting Standards, in consultation with the company’s appointed advisers/accountants especially when it comes to preparing the directors’ report.

Share Registration
Maintain the company’s register of members; share allotments, issues and transfers and deal with matters affecting shareholdings, communicate with shareholders on payment of directors’ remunerations, dividends/interest and handle queries from shareholders.

Corporate Governance
  • Continually review the developments in corporate governance; assist the directors in formulating, implementing and maintaining good corporate governance practices within the company.

Company Seal
Safe-keep and ensure proper use of the company seal.

Registered Office
Notify ACRA of changes in the company’s registered address; distribute the official correspondence received by the company at its registered office and ensure the provision of facilities for the public inspection of company documents.

DP SME Advisory provides comprehensive Corporate Secretarial Service* for Singapore Companies. The service includes:
  • Appointment of officer as Company Secretary
  • Setting up and maintenance of Minutes File
  • Setting up and maintenance of Statutory Registers
  • Issue of Share Certificates
  • Procurement and Safe-Keeping of one (1) Company Seal
  • Procurement of one (1) Company Rubber Stamp
  • Preparation of standard resolutions/ documents to open Bank Account
  • Advising on date of AGM
  • Preparation of notice and minutes of AGM
  • Filing of Annual Returns

*Kind Note: Under the Companies Act, All Companies registered in Singapore must appoint a Company Secretary to handle Statutory Compliance Matters.

  • All directors/shareholders to be present at our office: 10 Kallang Avenue, #05-17 Aperia Tower 2, Singapore 339510, personally.
  • Bring NRIC and/or Passport of all directors/shareholders;
  • Bring latest ACRA Business Profile (can be purchased on-site @ $5.50) and your Memorandum & Articles of Association or Constitution of your Company.
  • Provide Past Secretarial Records (if available)

If you are unable to visit our office, or have further enquiries, email us now!

  • Registered Office Service: EVERY business/company must have a registered office in Singapore which must be operational and accessible to the public during normal office hours. Please note that a P.O. Box address cannot be used as a business address. If you do not have one, check out our Registered Office Service.
  • Nominee Director Service: A director who is “ordinarily resident” in Singapore is required for incorporation of a company in Singapore. DP SME Advisory is able to provide you a Nominee Director until you find a suitable local director to represent your company. Check out our Nominee Director Service.
  • Entrepreneur Pass Application Service: If you do not have a suitable local director and do not wish to appoint our Nominee Director, you can choose to apply for an Entrepreneur Pass, with Ministry of Manpower (MOM). After your pass is approved then you can proceed to incorporate your company. Check out our Entrepreneur Pass Application Service.
  • Employment Pass Application Service: If you plan to relocate to Singapore to run/ work in your company, you will have to incorporate your company first (using our Nominee Director) and apply for an Employment Pass. Once your Employment Pass is approved, you can act as the local director. Check out our Employment Pass Application Service.
  • Accounting, Tax & Payroll Service: All companies in Singapore are required to keep proper account records, and directors are required to present at the AGM, the company’s accounts that comply with the requirements of the Accounting Standards in Singapore. DP SME Advisory offers a full suite of accounting, tax and GST filing services to fulfill compliance to both ACRA (Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority) and IRAS (Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore). Check out our Accounting, Tax & Payroll Services.
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  • DP SME Advisory gives very accurate and reliable information regarding business setups and corporate secretarial services. The staff are professional and warm. We have been with DP SME Advisory for several years now and the quality and reliability of the service is the reason why we chose DP SME Advisory.
    DP SME Advisory is a one stop center for our business needs.
    - Mr. Lim, Director

  • Professionalism and responsiveness is of Top Quality. At times going beyond the call of duty. Would strongly recommend DP SME Advisory for corporate secretarial services.
    - Jimmy, Director

  • Had seen DP SME Advisory employees shown a high level of professionalism and patience in attending all my enquiries with immediate attention and given explanation on how to handle it. Would definitely recommend my local or overseas business associates to use this company service without hassles or doubts faced.
    - Winston Kong, Director

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