Value-Added Services

Anticipating your needs delivers value to you while still allowing you to focus on growing your business

Value-Added Services

Accounts Receivable Management

Complete end-to-end accounts receivable providing visibility and control over your A/R portfolio ensuring cash flow is prioritised.

Business Information Services

Enables you to make better informed decisions across the customer life cycle.

Ongoing Business Support

Keeps you up to date and provides you with valuable reports to help you manage your business and make more informed decisions.

Corporate Bank Account Opening

Provides you with the convenience of opening a corporate bank account when you start up your business.

Financing Business Loan Support

Help you seek the right financing partner for the purpose of your start-up or SME requirements.

Coworking Space

Find the perfect office space to deliver maximum flexibility for your business as it grows.

Tech Consultancy Services

Assists you in finding the right IT tools and hardware partner to match your business needs.

Customised Business Services

Matches you with the right consultants to provide you with the width and depth of business services which you may need throughout your business cycle.

Why you can trust us with your Value-Added service requirements?

We pride ourselves in providing you with solutions which will complement every stage of business growth. As we help you manage your business incorporation needs, accounting and tax requirements and all, we are best placed to match you with a value-added solution which will make a difference in how you can run your business most efficiently.

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We find it most rewarding when we can anticipate your needs. As you focus on growing your business, there may be some additional value-add solutions which may complement your needs. These could be in the areas of A/R management to safeguard your cash flow projection or a co-working space, to allow you to establish connections to other like-minded entrepreneurs.

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